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Amplitude Technologies, Lisses, France

Amplitude Technologies (AT) is the world leader in the development and fabrication of high-power Ti:Sapphire based Laser amplifiers with peak powers ranging from Terrawatt up to the Petawatt regime. In the past ten years, AT systems have been installed and serviced around the world.   

AT was founded by a team of seven engineers all coming from BMI-Thomson CSF Laser. Since early 1992, they pioneered in the development of high power femtosecond amplifiers. The team covers the whole spectrum of different expertise ranging from mechanics over optics to electronics and therefore allows to deliver customer-oriented service and Laser amplifiers.

Since the early days, all efforts have been concentrated on the development of advanced modules and techniques in order to continuously improve and further push the limits of high power femtosecond amplifiers to the extent possible. In this effort, AT established several collaborations with research groups and institutes in Europe such as CEA-Saclay (DRECAM), CELIA (Bordeaux, France), LOA-ENSTA (Palaiseau, France), AMOLF (FOM Institute, Amsterdam) and Max Born Institute (Berlin).

AT is situated in Lisses, close to Paris. Besides this attractive location, the proximity to the Triangle of Optics (Palaiseau – Saclay - Orsay) allows strong collaborations and gives a very good prospect for the future.



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